Friday, March 1, 2013

Stuttgart - day 3

Day 3 started off very slowly. Because *somebody* was hungover. Yes, of course it was me. 

Can't think why... was perfectly sober the night before...

 After peeling myself out of bed, and out of the hotel room (eventually) we set off for the Mercedes-Benz museum

The museum, again really easy to get to on the S-Bahn, is beautiful. Apparently they created it entirely without right angles, so the whole building is curved. Whatever, it was so cool. 

On entry you take the lift to the top floor (quite difficult when hungover) and work your way back down, through the history of cars. 

The displays are fantastic and the cars amazing.

Here's my confession: I was so hungover, I powerwalked through the entire exhibit so I could sit in the coffee shop at the end with a bottle of ginger ale. I paid 8 Euros to go to this museum and I'm going to have to go back - because all I can remember is what's in the above photographs.

So I sat for a while waiting for Nick to go through the museum, playing on my phone (thanks O2 for the better European pricing on data, although not for the snotty text telling me I went over my allowance on Day 1- oops!!). Nick loved it -  I would need to go again.

Then it was back out into the cold for the journey back to the hotel. After a quick coffee, it was off to the airport.

Thank you Stuttgart for a fab weekend - we'll definitely be back! In warmer weather though!

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