Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday wishlist #1

I love shopping. I think I'm an emotional shopper as the slightest bad mood sends me to the high street (or the internet - thanks you lovely internet shopping creators...).

But at the moment I am trying desperately to save for the holiday of a lifetime next Christmas. Yep, it's 10 months away but it's going to cost A LOT so I have to save up the money.

So I am doing some serious window/browser shopping. All the stuff I would normally just 'one-click' and it would appear at my door... I'm not buying it. Or trying to anyway, I've had the odd weakness.

Here's what I've been craving this week...

Beautiful butterfly top from Oasis - I will probably buy this :)
I have the pink one of these but this peach/orange colour is lovely - H&M
They're PINK! - Zara
This is LUSH Coast - I have two weddings this year, think I've found one dress!
It's highly likely that I'll buy everything on this page. Definitely the orange jumper and butterfly top... but I'm being strong and waiting for some offers.

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