Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday wishlist #4

Yet another week when the ridiculous cold weather has me scouring the internet - either looking at holiday locations or planning what I'll wear when I'm there!

This week's wishlist is yet again based on my upcoming holidays. Every year I dream of looking effortlessly cool and chilled when away in a hot country. In reality, I'll be the one looking like a big, sweaty mess. My hair does NOT like heat - not quite Monica from Friends - I'd kill for that volume - more a limp mess that doesn't know what i wants to do.

This year I'm starting early with the holiday wardrobe planning...

Warehouse, £56
I want, want, want this dress. This photo does not do it justice. I should have bought it this week - there was a 25% off voucher in Grazia. Fingers crossed for a future offer!

H&M Conscious Collection, £19.99
This fashion that is good. It's sustainable. I'll never look as good as Vanessa Paradis does in the advert. Doesn't matter because it's sold out. Gutted.

Warehouse, £18
Just cute. That is all.

Warehouse, £28

You can tell I'm craving sunshine.

Am off to Cornwall for Easter weekend, and would love some sunshine. As it stands, I'll be packing the wellies, my North Face jacket and woolly tights.

Gotta love the British weather!

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