Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday wishlist #3

I was in London this weekend and was this close to buying an item from this week's wishlist. Walking from shop to shop in the rain I was in one of those moods and needed cheering up. I popped into Liberty (seriously, how nice is that shop!) and happened to wander through the handbag department.
I love handbags. I don't necessarily treat mine with the respect it deserves, but I do like to spend quality time in nice shops, stroking the nice bags

And I found this one.
Marc Jacobs, £310, Liberty
Yep, it's a plain black bag. But that's what I'm currently looking for. It's beautiful. It's so soft and I nearly caved. But i was so strong, I walked away. Even finding the link for this picture was dangerous so I might leave my bank cards at home next time I wander through the shops!

But let's face it, £310 is silly money.

At the slightly more affordable end of the scale...

Glittery cluth, Oasis, £45
Yeah, it's sparkly and I'm like a magpie. Like.

And still hunting for dresses for weddings this summer.

Maxi dress, Ted Baker, £199
I love Ted Baker maxi dresses. However, I don't look good in them. I try them every year yet always look massively pregnant. Not a good look (unless you are, obvs).

Whenever I read other people's wishlist posts, some of them try hard to come up with weird stuff you just wouldn't find near you. I make no apologies for choosing high street stuff, ok except for the designer handbag - that's what the high street is there for! Maybe one day I'll feature something from a small Cheltenham boutique... but they're mostly a bit fancy so I don't go in many of them!

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