Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Food wishlist #1

I loves my food.

My confession is that I am a bit scared to try new things. On a menu, I'll stick to what I know - if something sounds different then it's likely I'll ignore it and go back to my usual. And don't get me started on Nachos - if they're on a menu I can't even read anything else on the list! Maybe it's because they're glamourous crisps...

But part of my 'not being lazy' thing is going to be about trying new things. And new places. Not just sticking to my normal pubs and restaurants but trying the ones other people are talking about... Or maybe finding some cool ones of my own.

Here's a few places I'd like to try (and if you're heading to the races this week then you might think about trying them).

I also love the Curious cafe (no website) on Bath Road, Cheltenham. A hidden gem, perfect fry ups for that Sunday hangover and a lovely courtyard out the back to hide away for a couple of hours. Always rammed so get there early.

And my personal favourite for a brilliant night out...  The Daffodil.

Hidden in a back street of Cheltenham, the building is an old Art Deco cinema. The food is amazing. The cocktails are amazing. It feels special but not awkward. I love it. Highly recommended.


  1. May I make a recommendation...

    I wish that The Royal Oak, Prestbury was my local.

    1. Ooh good one, my brother had his wedding party in their function room, and the pub looked lovely!