Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday wishlist #2

More window shopping this week...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am really looking forward to the summer. I love sunshine and hot weather and am considerably happier once it starts getting lighter in the morning and later at night. The first drive to work when I don't have to put my lights on puts me in a great mood!

So because it's grey and miserable today, I've been window shopping for summer gear... we're going to Spain and Oz at the end of their year, so I do need to be prepared!

Seafolly bikini top, ASOS, £54.50
Yep, it's expensive. But it's pretty!

Oasis dress, ASOS, £28
This is ONLY £28! And it's a lush colour and it's sooo cute.

ASOS smock dress, £25
Need to get a tan before I wear this... cute though.
Asos sandals, £28

My feet will look hideous in these, but they're still pretty.

Anyway, better wrap up warm as I believe the winter is rolling back in...

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