Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stuttgart day 2

Day two in Stuttgart was all about exploring. After some exciting Porsche action on day 1, we wanted to explore the city and find out more... we had no idea what to expect as we really only picked Stuttgart for the car museums.

 The S-Bahn was excellent - really easy to use and everything was really close by. That is, it was easier to use after our fifth attempt to buy a ticket from five different machines. Turns out they don't like to accept Euros, which makes it difficult given that's the currency in Germany. Sigh.

We wandered around town and the architecture was just brilliant. We will go back in the summer so we can spend longer looking at it!

Lots of nice squares and buildings...

This one had shops in :) 

The covered market was EXCELLENT. So many beautiful stalls and it felt really vibrant. Still didn't buy anything (am being good!)

Ok, so Saturday was about finding a pub to watch the rugby. I didn't know how popular the Six Nations would be in Germany so I did a bit of googling before we went - and found Biddy Early's.  When we arrived there was a big crowd of Germans, but no one was sitting down. All the tables were reserved for the music (after the rugby) so it was pretty quiet for a while.

We won the rugby - it was very surreal being in a German Irish bar, surrounded by French - watching England v France. As usual, I was a bit vocal about my support for England. Nick had to tell me to sssh!

Sorry about the dark picture - this is me with my glass of wine. That was strong. Followed by a Freshtivaaaal (vodka, lime and lemonade) or two, which were strong.

Followed by amazing mojitos back in the hotel bar. Which, surprise surprise, were very strong!!

I went to bed having drunk a little bit too much and completely knackered from the exploring. 

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