Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday wishlist #7

This week I've been mostly craving a few new beauty products. It's my real weakness at the moment - I'm trying so hard to save money but an expensive nail varnish totally throws me... seriously!

bottle service, by Essie,
My name's Kate and I am an Essie addict. You know you're an addict when you watch the Essie US site to see the new releases and then pop into Boots daily until they appear. Then you buy THEM ALL.

Seriously, this nail varnish is great. Boots do a great range with a fat brush that works amazingly. I own nearly all of them, but they keep bringing out new colours! This is part of their neons 2013 range... I will be buying it.

Advanced Night Repair, Estee Lauder, £44 for 30ml in Boots
I will buy this when I go through duty free this week - it's brilliant and cannot rave about it enough. Am just finishing my second bottle and I'm a real skincare cheater - i normally throw a bottle out halfway when I get bored. My skin has never looked so good since I started using this.

Special edition Pierre Hardy for NARS in Rotonde, £30
I just want to buy this and look at it. It's SO pretty! Nars blushes are amazing.

Although if you could see my makeup drawer you'd think I don't really need any more makeup...

How many brands can you name?!

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