Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Raindrops on kittens and whiskers on roses.... No?

So I'm already a bad blogger. I love writing, but since I started this, work has really ramped up and I'm finding I've got less time for myself and doing the things I love. I'm not necessarily moaning about that - we all make sacrifices for things, and I make sacrifices for work. (It's ok - I genuinely love what I do!)

Today I wanted to reflect on some of my favourite things - out of work - that keep me sane.

My camera- I think I've mentioned before that I feel like I've stopped using it. My poor 60D is sat in a bag, relaxing. But I don't mean that here - I actually just mean whatever camera I have in my possession at the time. I love taking photos and I love my iPhone for that. I love filters (mainly because Photoshop is so BLOODY EXPENSIVE!). I love how easy photography is becoming. I still hold the opinion that taking a good snap on a phone doesn't make you a photographer, I don't want to take it away from those people who work incredibly hard in a tough industry, fighting against complete novices who think that because they own a SLR that makes them a pro. I don't class myself anywhere near that. I just love taking photos and if one of my photos makes people smile then it's worth it! I've done weddings and I envy the people who can do that for a living. It's tough. People actually stood in front of me, and got in my way. IN THE CHURCH, where I was the only one allowed to take photos! And while I'll always take my camera to weddings, I'm more likely to be found following the pro around stealing tips and learning from him! Hopefully I'm not annoying!

My Nick
I'm not the soppy romantic type really. I'm not going to write some gushing, ridiculous bit about my boyfriend but he is a real star. I knew he was a keeper when he bought me some Jimmy Choos! Joke! Kind of...

Nick listens to me. He calms me down when I'm hyperactive. He's been there when I need him, he drove me home when I lost my job in horrible circumstances. He's older, wiser, and checks the oil on my car because I'll never do it!

And he does good presents. I'm quite a material girl when it comes to buying stuff for myself. I want the best quality stuff, and I'll happily pay for it. But when it comes to presents, I'm happy with a book token. I'm happy if he's made it himself, if it shows some thought. But he does do good presents. He didn't just buy me Jimmy Choos - he bought a glittery, totally ridiculous pair of stillettos. Because he know I would love them! And by god they are amazing! I wore them to an awards do and they got the most amazing comments! I don't wear them in the rain, or to walk in, but I love them.

This Christmas , we set ourselves a limit. So he gave me ten presents and every one had a story. One was a pot noodle. Because on our first holiday, I wanted one on the plane (I hate travelling, I need to eat crap to get through it). There was a can of dog food, because we're planning to get dogs. The food went to the dogs home, but the thought was there.

He's just ace, and even though he's an old man, I don't know what I'd do without him!

My family
My parents let me move back in, aged 27. That says it all really. I'm still there. Aged 30.

My parents encouraged me to do whatever I wanted. I have grown up thinking I can have any job I want and that I deserve it. I've probably led quite a sheltered life compared to most but what I have seen, and learned from, is that hard work gets you the things you deserve. We are not a 'sit back and you'll get what you deserve' family. We work bloody hard (hopefully my colleagues agree!) I know I've been lucky, but hopefully I've not taken it for granted.

My brother? He's just fab. He's huge, I'm small. He's dark, I'm fair. We are total opposites. He got married last November, it was a real honour to take their photos, and he's just a star. He's also great when you need something heavy moving! (Cheers bro, for moving the heavy stuff out of my flat this weekend!)

My friends
They're all great!

My blogs... Seriously
When I get home from work, I read about 40 blogs. It's my time to switch off, and I immerse myself in beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs. However, my spending has gone up as I keep buying the stuff they mention!

And of course..... My magazines.

My proper 'switch off' comes when I take my pile of new magazines, get a glass of wine and just read. I buy every issue of: Good Food, Empire, Total Film, Red, Glamour, Marie Claire, Digital Camera, Practical Photography, Photography Weekly (my first digital magazine, I am a print fanatic!) I love them all!

And let's not forget Pepper!
She's my baby :)

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