Saturday, April 13, 2013

A trip oop north...

Two of my best friends are getting married this year so that's two ace hen parties to go to!

Last week was the turn of my lovely friend Kat, a nurse who lives in Liverpool. As most of the attendees are based up there, that's where the hen party was. Because I'm a pretty crap friend, I've only been to see her once before, and she's lived there for 13 years! The one visit I made before however did give mea good insight into just how seriously Liverpudlians take their appearance! Seeing girls in TopShop at 11am in stillettos, full makeup and rollers in their hair is not what you see in cheltenham! I'm not being offensive, I hope, as I have genuine respect for the amount of effort that goes into maintaining their look!

Anyway, I digress....

Emails had been flying about the hen weekend for a while before someone pointed out... That the 6th April was bloody Grand National day. Coming from Cheltenham I know the effect of a big race meeting on a town and suddenly knew that finding a hotel room was gonna be slightly difficult... Actually scrap that, it was just expensive! But I got one and after paying a fortune for it I decided to head up early on the Friday to make the most of it!

Ok, I'll admit. That meant sitting in the hotel bar on Friday night, people watching all the race goers (and wow the outfits were amazing!) and getting drunk. By myself. What a loser.

It meant waking up with a hell of a hangover on the Saturday but we were heading to the spa so that was kind of ok. Ibuprofen, a coke and some crisps later... I was feeling so much better! We headed to Formby Hall spa, which was a bit big and busy for my tastes but was pretty good. Lovely facial, an ok manicure and lots of lying around gossiping with the girls (with a break to watch the Grand National) was just what I needed.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready and I decided to go for the Liverpool look. I caked on the slap, curled the hair and wore a dress! And we then went to the most chilled, casual venue I've ever been to. Talk about not fitting in.

Camp and Furnace wasn't quite what I was expecting - it was a large warehouse that had a large furnace at one end (duh) and was filled with camp tables and caravans. Seriously. But the food was amazing and Kat had a great time. Especially when we dressed her up in a Danish outfit (her fiancée is Danish!) complete with authentic clogs! It was a great night... And I was completely sober.

I have been a tad worried about the amount I drink for a while. It seems that I have to have something every day, so it was a relief to be able to go out and enjoy a night out without drinking. I did go home at 11 but it was still fun.

We rounded off the weekend with brunch at The Tavern Company. Bloody hell, what a great breakfast. Pancakes and bacon, lush.

I set off down the M6 having had a great weekend, and glad I didn't have to face that drive with a hangover.

Bring on the wedding!

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