Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Sunday stroll

I am a lazy cow. I am really trying to get off my arse at the moment - I have a holiday planned and seeing as there'll be other people there, I'd like to get into shape so I don't feel quite so crap in a bikini.

So I've started doing Fitball and trying to run twice a week. Doesn't sound much but my normal exercise regime involves walking to the car and back so it's a step.

Instead of the run today,  we decided to go for a little stroll up Leckhampton Hill, near my house.

A *little stroll* doesn't cover how hard it was to get up that hill! I last did this walk just before I started my current job (3.5 years ago!!) and I was fine. This just demonstrates the effect of a sedentary lifestyle - my heart was pounding after two minutes. I'd like to blame the fact that I was carrying a heavy SLR but that's just an excuse! I am far too unfit!

 The first signs of Spring

I had a little sit down

The view was worth it right? (Bit cloudy today, it has looked prettier...)

Annoyingly, the walk was effortless for Nick. Sigh. 

Spot my house!

 Wow, I look knackered. And this was close to the bottom. 

The tree tunnel!

Good old iPhone panorama!

 I made it to the top!

 In reality, these pics don't really do the view justice. It was cloudy and grey - but it was so good to get some fresh air. 

This week is going to be manic so it was great to get away and sit above everything and just relax. 

And while I'm getting bogged down at work, it's great to know i've got something really exciting planned for the end of the year...

Planning my trip of a lifetime... with some sunshine hopefully!

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