Thursday, April 4, 2013

Soushi sushi

I tried something new last night!

In an earlier post I talked about wanting to try new food - I always choose the same things on menus and tend to stick to the same places. So that's Nando's or Thai.

This week, my friend +Anthony Hua introduced me to sushi.

Yes, I feel like I'm about 15 years behind everyone else but if I'm honest, raw fish didn't seem like my thing. But my mission was to try new things, and so I tried the raw fish.

And you know what, it ain't half bad.

We visited Soushi in Cirencester. It's down a tiny street surrounded by cute little shops (I am SO going back when they're open too!) and because we went after work we were some of the first customers that evening.

 We wandered through the streets as quickly as possible as it was bloody cold... but it was very beautiful.

 My friend Anthony posing, catalogue-style, while reading the menu. 

Some actual raw fish
 So he introduced me to the basics... inside out maki with salmon and avocado. The good news is I no longer think I'm allergic to avocado - last time I had it my tongue swelled. Oops. 

I actually ATE some sushi! Go me!

Yes, I look knackered. I'd been up since 6 (like I am every day!)

Then I cheated and ate something cooked. This was chicken nan ban, and was LOVELY. 

Anthony has photographed food for as long as I know him. I used to think that was weird... now I seem to be doing it!

Thank you Anthony for a great first Sushi trip!

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