Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday wishlist #5

Yep, another week, another post of things I'm internet-window-shopping.

I am still wishing for sunshine by looking at clothing for slightly warmer weather than we're experiencing!
Oasis, £48
This is just pretty. And has mini peacocks on. I LOVE IT.
Gap, £24.95
Gap does brilliant shorts. Mine don't fit any more, conveniently, so will definitely be buying these.
Warehouse, £36
Almost bought these yesterday. They're cute.

Christian Louboutin, Net-a-porter, £395
Doesn't every girl want a red sole?? These are serious shoes and way out of my price range. 

Instead... I might get... some more sensible ones from the high street.

But a girl can dream of a lottery win!

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