Monday, February 25, 2013

Stuttgart - day 1

This weekend we went to Stuttgart. Not your average tourist destination, but we were really looking forward to it. For those who follow my twitter/instagram (kes1981) I'm sure you'll have seen some of these pics already...

I say 'we'. I mean 'Nick'. The trip was my birthday present to him. We'd talked about a weekend break to Berlin or Cologne - I speak some (very) basic German, he'd never been and it was somewhere a bit different from our normal sunshine-based holidays. He mentioned Stuttgart, then it popped up in Avengers Assemble and my mind was made up.

It's also the home of Porsche and Mercedes. More on that later...

We had a super early start - the flight left Heathrow Terminal 5 at 7:50. AM. This is a STUPID time. But there's something to be said about empty duty free shops at 6am - and I'm proud to report that of course I started my weekend by shopping!

We stayed at the Hotel am Schlossgarten in the centre of town, minutes from the train station. First things first, the service in this hotel was excellent. We arrived early, but they gave us vouchers for tea and coffee because our room wasn't available. The service in the restaurants and bars was excellent. Our room was fab, with lovely views.

So we dumped our bags and headed straight off for the Porsche Museum. Wow, lucky me.

Nick, despite owning the oldest car in the world, is obsessed with cars. The Porsche Museum is like his dream, and he was like a kid. He ran from car to car, excited beyond belief. He went round once. He then had to go round again, while I sat and used up my entire day's allowance on my phone playing on Twitter. He also didn't have to read the info about the cars because he knew it already.

I don't really 'get' cars, but even I could tell that this museum was pretty awesome. Such a stylish place, and just quite lovely to walk round. Not snobby at all, given the exclusive cars on show, and we ate in the cafe bar on the ground floor, highly recommend the food.
My new car

Then we headed back to town (only about 5 stops on the S-Bahn) and wandered around the shops. The hotel was on the main street - I swear I didn't know when I booked it!

We had a lovely wander... including the obligatory stop in Starbucks for their free Wifi (and for Nick to read his new Porsche book.)

Nick reading his Porsche book

But it was soooo cold, and snowed lightly the whole time we were there! It was -5 when we landed, so I was very glad I'd taken my big furry parka. Best purchase ever!

We had a lovely meal and a few drinks back in the hotel. A bloody good day.

View from hotel window. No idea what it's of.

Come back to read about days 2 and 3...

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