Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I hate Valentine's Day.

Ok, hate is a strong word. I dislike it and wish it didn't exist.

When I was 10, a boy brought a Valentine's card to my house. I had heard the gossip that he might do this so I hid. I ran to my friend's house and hid. Until my brother was sent to get me. I was dragged home and promptly hid in the bathroom until the boy pushed the card under the door, left the chocolates outside and then went home.

Embarrassing? Mortifying. 

So when you add in the fact that I didn't really have a boyfriend until I was about 21 then you can see why I'm not that keen on 14 February.

I was shy, I was mousy and I was just a bit afraid of boys, so the idea of declaring your love for someone on one day of the year just seemed unimaginable. Since then I've had three boyfriends and it's not really changed my view. The only 14th February that has been particularly traumatising was when I was ten - the rest have just passed by. Although one boyfriend gave me a present that he found/stole (including a perfume that was delivered to his house by accident).

 I just don't like the idea that we should only declare our feelings on ONE day of the year. On that one day when restaurants come up with set Valentine's menus that cost way more than normal. When cards are sold in shops that are so sickening I can't even look. When children are encouraged to buy expensive flowers/chocolates/cuddly f*cking toys for their 'school sweetheart'. When we're only buying stuff because we've been told to.

If you're single, you're made to feel left out. If you're in a relationship, it's a competition to find out the most romantic couple (especially with bragging on Facebook, twitter and Instagram - oh god, the photos!)

So ignore Valentine's day. I'm not against romance, far from it. How about you tell your special someone you love them all year round? Or if you can only do it on one day of the year, why not pick their birthday, when you (hopefully) buying them a present anyway. My boyfriend sends me random greeting cards if he sees them in a shop, and thinks I'll like them, whatever the time of year. The card can be about anything (but mostly features dogs). It's so much better when it's a surprise, and i know it's only cost him £1.50 instead of £3 V-day price.

If you're single? It doesn't matter - despite what the media are trying to tell you. I'll happily go out with single friends rather than my boyfriend on V-day. Or I used to go and watch an action film at the cinema - by myself. Or i'll put my pyjamas on and read magazines, which I do most nights.

 I don't want a present, I don't want a card, I don't want flowers. I want to spend time with him, but I want that most days, not just 14th February.


  1. I don't believe in Valentine's Day either!

    Also, you now seem very confident with males.

  2. Anthony that makes me sound like a slag!

  3. Very well put. I don't need a special day (devised by the greeting card, floristry and chocolate industries fitting nicely between Christmas and Easter) to tell or show Mrs co-ordinator what she means to me. Every day should be special.