Saturday, August 31, 2013

What I want wishlist #10

Ooh it's been a while since I posted a little wishlist! I was thoroughly enjoying the summer weather and bough lots of holiday gear, so I was quite satisfied. It never lasts though does it!?

The autumn ranges are now hitting shops full force. Admittedly they've been in some shops since mid July (RIDICULOUS!) but now it's nearly September, we can get excited about Autumn stuff...

Parka, Oasis, £58
 I really like the look of this short parka - I've got a long one, so obviously I need a short one too! And the fur collar is so cute. Paired with jeans and cute boots, this is fab.

Boots by Dune, Asos, £120

I think my legs are too skinny for these but I'm looking for some new lovely boots. And not suede, which I bought last year and then couldn't wear in the rain. Stupid.

Dress, Warehouse, £70
I LOVE this dress. Love the colour, the flare, the lace. All of it. I will buy this.

And because I'm obsessed with nail varnish...

The Essie Fall (Ummmmm it's Autumn!) collection. I love them all.

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