Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Exciting news!

My confession. I'm 31 years old and I live with my parents.

I've always been able to defend that because I owned a flat in Cardiff - I just couldn't live in it because I work in Swindon! I don't mind the commute from Cheltenham but couldn't cope with the Severn Bridge every day!

But in May I sold that flat. So suddenly I was coming up to 31 and living with my parents. My 31st birthday was the turning point.

So two days later I went to look round a house.

Two days later I looked at the same one again.

Four days after that - my offer was accepted. Today we exchanged contracts. 

It's the first house I've looked at and it just felt right. I am really really excited!

So I'm flying the nest (technically I did this at 18....) I'm leaving my parents' house! I'm setting up by myself!

It's going to feel so strange... Oh wait. It won't because I'm moving to a house on the same street. No laughing! 

BUT. When I sold my Cardiff house I chucked everything away. I wasn't moving for aaaaages so would just buy stuff gradually. So I actually own nothing and will have to start again.

YAY, more shopping!

So apologies, because this blog will become rather house focused - mainly because I'll have no money to go out. 

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