Sunday, September 8, 2013

Running away to join the circus

On Friday night I went to the circus.

Since 2000, Giffords Circus has toured the rural South West with a different story every year. We were lucky enough to see it in lovely Marlborough.

And it was brilliant. I didn't know what to expect, but once I was sugared up with a bag of candy floss I was happy. The circus featured gymnasts and horses and of course the wonderful Tweedy, the clown who is the heart of the show.We also learned to juggle with Bibi and Bichu ( I managed 3 balls!) which was so much fun.

I went with guys from work and we all came out with big smiles on our faces. I can thoroughly recommend this for people with kids. And for people without kids. For everyone. It was so good.

Thank you Giffords Circus. You were an absolute delight. I will be back next year!

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