Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthday fun

In a rather delayed post, let's talk about birthdays! 

So last week was my birthday. Not a big one, but a birthday all the same. 

I love birthdays. I tend to do a countdown, to make sure people are fully aware it's my birthday. This year I saw plenty of people and had some lovely cards, so thank you. And I bought myself a new kindle. A good investment I feel. 

On the day I worked. Boooooo! 

Lots of people are curious why I work on my birthday. When I was younger, an August birthday obviously meant that I couldn't take cakes to school and parties were only half attended because people were on holidays. So now I like being at work because it means people actually say happy birthday! 

It was a Thursday. Rubbish, but a quick drink after work was lovely it was also the one sunny day of the week and rocketed up to 32 degrees in Swindon! 

The weekend was made for meals out. A family bash in Ask was delightful. 

On the Saturday I went to The Tavern in Cheltenham. 

Now this could be my new favourite place. 

I had a fantastic steak, and everyone had bloody good burgers. They did great cocktails. And it was fab to see my friends, who I don't see often enough! 

Then on Sunday we went to Paws in the Park. This was just an excuse for Nick to see dogs. He volunteers at Bristol dogs home and so is looking for somewhere to volunteer when he eventually moves to cheltenham. 

We were quite moved by the Cinnamon Trust, an organisation who provide volunteers to look after pets so people can keep them - for example the elderly, who may have a beloved pet they just can't walk any more. We're looking into helping them! 

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