Saturday, August 17, 2013

More cheese Gromit??

If you'd told me I'd walk eight miles today in the wind and rain I'd have laughed in your face! But that is indeed how I spent a lovely Saturday, and it was great fun.

Today my friend Ali and I went Gromit spotting in Bristol. Gromit Unleashed is a public art trail of giant Gromit (from Wallace and Gromit obviously) throughout Bristol. They are all individually designed and they'll be auctioned for The Grand Appeal, for the Bristol Children's Hospital Charity, in the autumn  of this year. There are 80 Gromits, for 10 weeks in 1 city - we'll ignore the slight exaggeration because some Gromits are outside Bristol :)

So basically you travel round Bristol and find the Gromits - with a helpful app to help you, and tick off the ones you see!

Today we managed to find 39 - slightly miffed that we didn't get 40, but it was a good effort. We spent 6.5 hours doing it. We thought we'd be the oldest. We thought we'd look weird because we didn't have kids. But there were groups of all sorts of people on the hunt and it was great fun. Our rules meant that we had to photograph them  - so the one Ali saw at Temple Meads a few weeks ago didn't count!

So we just walked around, saw parts of Bristol we'd never seen before, had a Wagamamas lunch, and a good gossip on the way. Great idea Ali!

It was a really great way to see Bristol, and also made us feel proud of Gromit! 

Here's a few photos from the day... and we're going back next week to find more.

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