Monday, May 20, 2013

It's a hard life...

My friend Holly and I spoil ourselves on a regular basis by whisking ourselves off for a lovely spa treatment. We try and visit a different one each time, will pay for a package and then normally add on an extra treatment. One is never enough!

We both grew up in Cheltenham, and I still live here, so we try and find a local one nearby - luckily the Cotswolds has plenty of spa hotels to keep up happy!

This time we visited Barnsley House. Recommended by a girl at work, it's a boutique hotel near Cirencester. It's near the picture-perfect village of Bibury that we drove through, looking through the windows like gobsmacked tourists - having lived here my whole life, I know what the Cotswolds looks like but Bibury and Barnsley were something else!

Barnsley House is a boutique hotel, and it was just lovely. There was a photographic group taking pictures in the garden. I have already planned my wedding there. (Just missing the engagement ring but who cares!).

We had the halfday spa package and both bought an extra treatment. So we enjoyed an express facial and massage, and then a pedicure or manicure. The massage and facial were fab - I  might have dozed off there - and I loved the pedicure. I hate my feet but I love foot treatments - and now my toes are at least trying to look pretty.

We sat in the lounge reading our magazines (read: dozing), then moved to the pool outside. We used the water jets and just chilled - the pool was heated so was steaming in the chilly Cotswold air! Then we used the steam room - although we're both wimps so we gave up quite quickly!

It was just so lovely to get away - we both have fairly tough jobs (although i fully acknowledge that some might not think they're tough - we're not nurses, teachers, bin men etc etc) so it's nice to escape.

My verdict on Barnsley House? It's wonderful. It's beautiful, the food is amazing (oh god, the lunch - we ate far too much, including their home made bread, and were so glad our treatments were a few hours later as we really couldn't move) and the treatments were wonderful. Loved it, and thoroughly recommend them.

I didn't snap any pics in the spa itself - mostly because I was dozing in the lounge - but did snap the garden!

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