Saturday, May 4, 2013

Moving on...

It's the bank holiday weekend, it's sunny and glorious outside... So I spent it clearing my flat in Cardiff. Yep, I've finally sold the flat so have been clearing it out ready for the new owners.

I have really mixed feelings about this. I haven't lived in the flat for over 4 years - I moved to London four years ago when I was made redundant and left in quite a hurry. The prices in Cardiff Bay had also plummeted, so there was no point selling then (there's been a credit crunch you know!). So I rented it out. I found tenants (within a day of posting it on Gumtree) managed it myself and it all went smoothly for a few years.

Probably too smoothly! The tenants never bothered me and I was far too comfortable at home (yeh, London didn't work out so I moved back home!) so why would I ever think about moving again? Because I'm 30 and I need my own place!

My 30th wAs the turning point. I should not be living at home when I'm 30. My excuse was always "it's ok... I own a flat in Cardiff!" And I was happy with that. But at 30 I suddenly thought (as my friends and colleagues kept telling me) that is was time to move. Me and Nick are ready for our own place (well, it's been 5 and a half years so about bloody time!) and so it went on the market.

So today we cleared the place out. It wasn't as emotional as when I moved out of my student house, when I really didn't want to leave. I'd already left it really, years ago, so was ready to lock up and move on.

I love Cardiff and hope to visit often. I have a lots of fond memories there and made a lot of friends (none of him whom I see often enough!). Thank you Cardiff, it's been grand,

And I say 'we'. I barely did anything - my brother and Nick did it all! Having a giant brother comes in handy when a monster sofa needs to get to the tip! But we did it and I can now say I M ready for the next move...

We just need to find a house now...

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