Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunny Cheltenham bank holiday

I realised something today. It was a beautiful day, perfect for sitting in a park somewhere with a glass of something, chatting to friends and chilling out.

I realised I could do all that - but would be doing it on my own! Nick was working so that meant I had no one to hang out with. I'm not writing this for sympathy, it's just I've realised I'm one of those people who socialises online instead of with actual people - most of my friends have moved away and live far away, and it's not possible to pop out for a drink. I also hate to be the one who sets up a social event - I get quite upset when people can't come, so I just don't bother any more! Even my 30th was quiet - friends at work made a really big deal out of it (thank you!) but my *party* was rather quiet. And over by about 9:30! (Yeah, yeah, I can hear you saying 'what a loser!').

So today I went for a little wander by myself. In fact, I was in town before the shops opened! So I sat in a lovely park in town and read my magazines. And Cheltenham does look pretty when it's sunny...

And at least my big camera came out of the bag...

Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham

The Promenade, Cheltenham

Outside the Municipal Buildings, Cheltenham. Pretty flowers.

More flowers
Gustav Holst, a Cheltenham dude. Wrote The Planets.

More Imperial Gardens. Not pictured: the rubbish in the overflowing bins!

Then I sat in the garden for a very long time. Reading everything - including The Machine by James Smythe, which I highly recommend - I haven't finished it yet, but it's really good. It just feels tense the whole way through, makes me shiver.

I love the sun - possibly too much. I'm looking a bit beetroot, so will be covering up tomorrow!

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