Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wishlist #22 - trendy workout gear

Inspired by the Gloanna event on Saturday, I've been browsing for some new running/yoga gear - because trendy gym gear makes you fit right??

Here's the kit I'm checking out...

I want to do yoga outside like this... Lululemon open your heart tank £52

Lululemon 'The mat' £62

Astro wunder under pant £82

Yeah, it isn't cheap. But this kit is awesome, I've already got some Lululemon clothes and I can genuinely say it is worth the money. Obviously, it's only worth it when you exercise a lot though!

There's only a couple of stores in the UK so far - I went to the one in LA (get me!) - but am hotfooting it to London soon to check them out!

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