Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gloanna Yoga Run 2014

So I hadn't had a holiday since January. I'd started a new job, gone through a few tough times personally and was just... Really tired. So what did I do on the first day of my two week break? 

Well first of all I dealt with the sheer idiocy of leaving my car window open all night. Ah... That's fine, it's July right? NO - we had the worst thunderstorm that night, so all that torrential rain had soaked my car seat! 

So at 7am after I'd covered the seat in towels and plastic I headed to London (following a brief stop in Swindon to pick up some chums!) for the Gloanna yoga run. A 5k run followed by a yoga class. 

Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound like me... 

My chums are *slightly* more sporty than me, so the run was for them. I just wanted a day out!

We arrived at Battersea Park in plenty of time for our shot of Prosecco to kick of the run, and after a quick warm up we were off! 

Ok... So Tash and Ali were off, I let them run and I walked/jogged one lap. I just enjoyed the sunshine. 

Then it was time for yoga... And yoga outside is pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the class so really need to find a good class in cheltenham (any recommendations?)

After that, it was free prosecco, sushi (yummy!) and a free Sweaty Betty goodie bag.

And then we headed to Wagamamas for lunch. Seriously, when are they building one in Cheltenham?! The only unfortunate part of the day was that the only Wagamama we could find was in Westfield so we just HAD to go shopping. Luckily we managed to limit ourselves to a power hour of shopping - and it felt great walking around amongst stylish London people WEARING MY SWEATY GYM GEAR. 

All in all, an awesome day. Here's to actually running it next year! 

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