Friday, August 1, 2014

We're all going on a summer holiday...

After the fun of the Yoga Run, I was ready for some sunshine. Luckily, the great British summer time actually obliged, so I spent a few days lounging in the garden! (Or my parents' garden to be precise...)

New sunnies!

Practicing my sunbathing!

Then we headed for the real heat, and got on a little Jet2 flight to Malaga... (note to self, avoid East Midlands Airport in future... just because).

You might have seen last year's post - and if I'm being honest, this one isn't very different. We went to our usual hotel - Finca el Cerillo - up in the hills near Malaga, near a tiny town called Competa. It's still a lovely hotel, the food is still amazing... so i'll bombard you with photos this year!

It was such a nice break. I read 5 books, ate a lot, drank a lot, did a bit of yoga... can I go back please?!

My own yoga studio!!

There is always a stupid photo of me!

Baby Ella was granted special permission to come (babies not allowed at the hotel!)

It was Festival time in Competa...

Three men and a baby...

The boules tournament... (we lost...)

I did yoga every single day!

Amazing view from one restaurant...

These fellas were in the car park!

My surprise birthday cake!


  1. What excellent photos. Can we use some for the Finca website please.

    1. Of course!! Let me know if you need the original photos and where to email them :)

    2. I also did a post last year and these photos are here...

      you can use them too!!