Monday, July 15, 2013

How to cope with the hot weather

So it appears we're having an actual summer! Today was my first day off work for my two week break, and I seem to have timed it rather well - the forecast is a solid 28 degrees and sunshine! 

Now I love the sun. I love the hot temperatures and I love how happy people seem (until we have some riots, when we'll obviously blame the hot weather!) 

But I hate those people who look effortlessly good in hot weather. Those people who wear floaty dresses and zip around like the heat is something that just makes them smile. 

I do not look cool and collected in hot weather. I really struggle to find clothes to wear to work because the office goes from icebox to greenhouse in a matter of metres. I become a shiny, sweaty mess. 

So I thought I'd share my tips for getting through (read: enjoying) the hot weather

Don't bother with makeup 
I love my makeup, I have a hugely expensive collection of it. But I'm not wasting my expensive Chanel foundation on a shiny face, as it will just wear off. So don't bother - it takes far too much time to create a lovely, glowing look, when you can create it naturally after 5 mins in the sunshine. 
Also, I have a real problem with girls who won't get involved in water fights or impromptu swimming because of their hair or makeup. Get over it ladies! 

Stop whinging about the weather 
The people who whinge about the hot weather are the people who whine about the cold. Seriously. The weather is out of our control, believe it or not, so just embrace it. By all means, fight with your workplace to provide better air con etc, but we should all just accept that the UK cannot cope with snow or sun, so do you what you can to prepare yourself rather than expect other people to do it for you. 
I just eat ice lollies. 
That said, can we all keep an eye on our elderly neighbours to check they're ok? And don't lock dogs in cars, idiots. 

Look at the world around you 
It is just prettier when the sun shines. 

Wear clothes 
There is absolutely NO excuse for topless men in supermarkets. On the beach, yes. In a park, yes. In the place where I buy my food. NO WAY. I do not want to see your big beer gut (they're never fit men!) while I'm in Tescos. Go away. 

Wear deodorant
You'd think this was obvious. But if you have to go on public transport, then you'll know a lot of people seem to think deodorant is their choice. Ugh. For the sake of others, please!! 

Lets face it, this weather won't last long, and then we can all go back to being miserable when it rains. 

And if all else fails, sit in the flowerpot. 

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