Friday, January 2, 2015

New year, new resolutions

Working on my downward dog...

If I'm honest, 2014 has been a strange year. An emotional roller coaster of a year, with some pretty extreme highs and lows.

Now we're into 2015,  here are my new year resolutions. As normal, I imagine most people expect me to do this post, uphold them for two days and then not bother. Well, I'd be an idiot to make some sweeping statement about how I'll definitely keep them going this year, but hey! I'll give it a go! Like most things, these will all be successful if I CHOOSE to make them happen.

My 2015 new year resolutions...

1. Wear lipstick. 
I love makeup. My collection is ridiculous, I have stacks of the stuff. But I own two lipsticks and I can never be bothered to put it on, ever. I think it's because it comes off so quickly, but that's no excuse for 2015!

Yes, this is an easy resolution that I should be able to achieve.

2. Do Yoga More. 
I love yoga. Recently I tried hot yoga, which I also loved. So why can't I get off my arse to do it more often? I can do it in my lounge for crying out loud!

In 2015 - I WILL do more. I am making time for it.

(I write this post after I weighed myself - on Xmas Eve, idiot idea, just before i eat all the food - and was shocked by my weight. I know I'm lucky because I'm small but i've put on a solid 1.5 stone over the last 2 years, most of that in the wrong place and I am NOT happy. Time to change.).

3. Photography
Something else I love. And haven't made enough time for in 2014. The year started well with a trip to Oz where I took thousands of photos - but can I honestly say I've worked on my photography over the last year? No. So that's my mission for 2015 - not just to take more photos, but to take BETTER photos.

And then do something with them - I want MY photos on my walls, not some Ikea prints.

4. Blogging
I am just going to do more of this. It's a rubbish excuse but my last laptop was slowly failing - it would take 35 mins to just turn on, and trying to download images from my camera was a nightmare. I know have a shiny new laptop so no excuses any more!

So that's a quick summary of my plans for 2015. I'll keep you posted :)

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