Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My fave photos of 2014

Summing up 2014 in photos, I have chosen these as my favourite pics of the year. They might not be the technically 'best' photos, but I have chosen them for what they represent.

January - we started 2014 in Sydney... talk about fireworks!

Feb/ March - baby shower! (She arrived three days later!)

I really did try to exercise...

My work colleagues are awesome...

April - we went to Rome, amazing place. And the FOOD!

I got to know my garden - largely just by looking at it!

I still love living near the Cotswolds...

I've been lucky enough to hear Andy Cope talk about being brilliant twice. He's right you know. Get the book, and be brilliant.

June - I joined a new team and in week one we did tree climbing.

Kat, pictured below, did not accept that the route she wanted to take was too difficult! Never seen anyone throw herself into something like that, and keep smiling!

Me and the rest of my new team!

Me and my bro on his birthday - i'm sunburnt after a day spa!

We said goodbye to a very dear colleague and friend. Mojitos all round!


July - the Tour de France in Yorkshire!

And the day my old boss Fiona and I caught a lift to an event...

The scaffolding came down and I got a new roof!

The Gloanna yoga run!

Yet another holiday in Spain with some crazies!

Our family picture where we think Nick looks like he's in a wheelchair!

Love working for a company that gives you a chance to volunteer - here we are at Caenhill farm, where we worked SO hard to clear all those bushes behind us!

This was us laughing at a sheep selfie. You had to be there. 

August saw us head up North to the highlands of Scotland for the bagpipe gathering. It poured it down.

All the family in one room!

In September a group of us from work went to the Invictus games. Awe inspiring.

Then I taught baby Ella the art of selfies...

She's a quick learn!

October - our whole team doing the selfie for the Macmillan coffee morning - even joined by our colleagues in London!

Then we headed to the IOIC awards where we picked one up!

I've been on a development course with some lovely people this year!

I met a very lovely horse...

And then i was awarded the Internal Communicator of the Year by Melcrum. Honoured.

We visited the poppies at the Tower of London. Breathtaking and thought provoking.

Celebrating jobs, awards etc with some fizz!

Learning more about ourselves at the Warrington Wolves stadium

My Christmas present from Nick...

Me and my pops on Christmas Day!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful 2014. 

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