Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A very chilled hen party

The May Bank Holiday weekend took us to a cottage in the middle of nowhere near Ludlow for a hen party.

Now, none of us are really into clubbing - in fact, i don't think I've ever been into clubbing - so I knew (thank goodness) that we wouldn't be wearing fancy dress and heading off into town. Firstly, I was really poorly, suffering from a horrible cold and barely able to breathe. Secondly, one of our part was only a year old!

Instead we had loads of lovely prosecco, wine, cocktails, food... and a crafting afternoon! Now, I'm a bit of a cross stitch fan but I never thought we'd get so into the crafting - one of the girls runs sessions teaching people to sew and embroider and knit etc, so she ran a lovely session where we all made a personal patch for the bride, that would form part of a patchwork quilt! We spent hours sitting in the sun making our patches, with plenty of wine and good chat to keep us going. And the sunburn to prove it, after the sun surprised us!

It was a lovely chilled weekend. Bring on the wedding! x

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  1. Looks like fun Kate! I can't wait to have a nice glass of Prosecco once this bub comes out! xx