Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little bit of wind...

So I play the oboe. Not the coolest instrument... and judging by recent photos taken of me playing, it's definitely not the sexiest. Now I know why those gorgeous girls playing violins doing so well. They don't go all red and threaten to pass out when they don't breathe properly!

A few years ago I joined the Five Valleys Adult Wind Band, part of Gloucestershire Music. We have an end of year concert, and on Tuesday we played in the Pump Rooms in Cheltenham, together with some other groups.

Our conductor Susan was taken ill during the year, and Jenny stepped in to cover. Hopefully we were able to make Susan proud, and it was great to see her there.

We played Three Kletzmer Miniatures, The Flower Duet, Air Dublinesque and a medley from Chicago. A good mix of fun pieces!

Now I'll admit that I'm quite lazy at practising. Very lazy. I rarely pick up my oboe, I just like playing in the group but every time we play a concert I swear I'll do better next year!

Next year I'll be bringing a better photographer... these are rubbish photos!

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  1. Pittville Pump Rooms are so pretty, good luck with the concert! Xx