Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wishlist #24 - Can I start thinking about summer yet?

With the sun FINALLY appearing and it feeling a bit warmer, I've started thinking about those holiday clothes. Lots of colour, no more black, floaty, lovely and no more coats!

I keep clothes for far too long and looking at pics of recent holidays, they're all too small and old. They are being binned/charity-donated.

So, it'll be big shopping this year! And here's a few i've got my eye on...

Dress, £24.99, H&M

Dress, £7.99, H&M

Sandals, £32, Warehouse

Trousers, £45, Warehouse

Trying to work out if i can pull off these trousers, which I LOVE.

And this skirt would be lovely for the office during the warm weather (does anyone else struggle with office clothing for hot weather? I hate it).

Skirt, £85, Warehouse

Bring on the summer!

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