Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holiday post #1: Singapore

Warning: Picture heavy post!

All of my travel posts are going to be picture heavy, but at least I've narrowed down the thousands I took down under!

So what did we get up to in Singapore?

Pre-flight drinks...

Singapore Airport

Delirious after a very long flight

Raffles Hotel - home of the Singapore Sling

A spot of shopping...

Nice hotel...

The Night Safari - AWESOME

The absolutely beautiful Botanic Gardens

Pretty riverside buildings...

And the amazing sunset that I watched while we flew to Melbourne (no sleep at all on that flight - worst flight ever)


  1. I like your photos. I too enjoyed the safari. How did you find the shopping? And the food?

  2. The shopping was great, so many shopping malls!! and the food was good but we weren't very brave!!!