Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cheltenham Literature Festival

I love living in Cheltenham. We have horse racing, we have the bubble clock in the arcade and we have now a museum called the Wilson that seems to be annoying people.

But for me, the highlight is our Festival calendar. I am a member of Cheltenham Festivals and each year there is a Music, Jazz and Science Festival, all of which are fab. The best by far is the Literature Festival, which is currently running in town.

Being set in October is always a challenge weather-wise! Most of the activity is in tents/marquees but we always battle through the rain and it's worth it. They do great events for children and there's sessions for absolutely anyone.

Highlights this year included Helen Fielding (who signed my book 'Come the fuck on Bridget') and Afternoon Tease, a burlesque show! Brilliant night out.

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